Making a Statutory Off Road Notification

There is a war going on against uninsured drivers and the authorities have all the big guns on their side.

Many uninsured drivers have previous convictions, which have made it difficult or very expensive for them to buy cover. Drivers who have received convictions for such offences as speeding, driving without due care and attention, having bald tyres etc need to visit a specialist convicted drivers insurance site. provide cheap quotes for motorist like these.

The latest is SORN, or Statutory off Road Notification, and this is how it is enforced. Every single vehicle on UK roads has to be insured, and those insurance details are kept in a database called the Motor Insurers Database. This way the police can keep a check on uninsured drivers by being able to check on whether or not a policy is in force on a particular car within seconds. This has not deterred a hard-core of offenders who still flout the law so new regulations were brought in to ensure that vehicles were either properly insured, or taken off the road completely. It is now necessary to either keep a car insured, or make a statutory declaration; it is a simple matter for the police to discover which cars in the UK are not complying with either of these rules. Penalties for breach of either of these are Draconian and when it is so easy to get caught it is extremely foolish for anyone to attempt to get away with driving a car without insurance.

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Once a SORN has been made it is not necessary to cancel this if the vehicle is being brought back onto the road because by simply insuring it this is done automatically as soon as the details of the new policy reach the database. The car can then quite legally be driven (provided of course that rules regarding MOTs and road tax have been met) although it has to be borne in mind that there is still a risk of being stopped by the police during the first few days of a policy because the database is not updated instantaneously. It is therefore a very good idea to carry an insurance certificate with you for those first few days just in case it is needed.

Once the period of insurance comes to an end it must again either be renewed, or a fresh SORN made.

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