Short Term Car Insurance Saved Me from a Flock of Pelicans

Well,, the top UK pay monthly car insurance site saved me from the thousands of dollars in damage that they incurred upon my beloved Taurus.

I rarely use my car, except on long trips, so my rides simply don’t justify the cost of a full-time insurance policy. I used to insure it regularly for a year through I always I could just about afford just the deposit so I paid month to month, using no-deposit-car-insurance site Netfinity3. A low deposit and regular payments each month made it more affordable for me. However  one month ago, while readying to embark upon a 7-hour journey to the Gulf Coast, I looked into short term car insurance, and man, am I glad that I did!

I got the comprehensive temporary plan, packed up my boogie board, sunscreen, arranged for someone to come by each day and feed the four dogs that keep me from being able to afford year-round car insurance, and headed out. Little did I suspect the giant splat that would greet me along the way.

Driving across Mobile Bay on I-10, I rolled down my windows to take in the smell of salt and shrimp. Some say I’m crazy, but the smell of premature seafood thrills me to no end. The gulf breeze blew particularly strong that day, and luckily I had the forethought to have grasped my hair up into a beautiful 1980s banana clip to keep it out of my field of vision.

Much like a deer can mysteriously appear in the road in front of you with no peripheral warning whatsoever, suddenly a flock of pelicans pushed downward by the gusts slammed into the side of my vehicle. Shaking with adrenaline, I coughed as a spray of feathers whipped up into my face. I wanted to check on the poor pelicans, and luckily the Baldwyn County Animal Care van that had been riding my tail for miles slammed suddenly into my rear just as hard as the flock had. Now, anyone who has ever driven on this stretch of I-10 knows that there is no good place to pull over, and wrecks block angry traffic for hours. So, in my heightened state of adrenaline, I immediately thought, “Yay! Someone to shield my car from oncoming traffic!”

Well, the officer wasn’t too thrilled about the damage to his van, but he was happy to have been in the right place at the right time to save some birds. This particular flock had been tagged by officers for scientific research, and it so happens that only two of them perished, and they were a couple, so they did not have to experience the pain of living without each other. The other five, though dazed, survived. Although both of our rides suffered thousands of dollars in damage, they could still be driven. At that moment, I mentally kissed the feet of short term car insurance.

When I think, “What if I had not gotten short term car insurance?” I shudder, and that has nothing to do with the fact that I still experience involuntary shakes from the accident. Never will I leave home again without short term car insurance coverage. The pelicans wouldn’t want it any other way.


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